Apple is taking advantage of the fact a whole lot of people are working from home these days by offering 90-day trials for both Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X for the first time. For those of you who are stuck at home and have extra time in this strange age of coronavirus, perhaps its time to learn a new skill. If you have a Mac, of course.

The company previously only offered a 30-day trial for Final Cut Pro X. As someone who has gone through a myriad of 30-day trials in his cheapskate lifetime, I know that’s often not enough time to seriously get acquainted with such powerful software. Logic Pro X  has never offered a trial of any sort.

90 days, on the other hand, might be enough to make you proficient enough to get hooked and make a more educated purchasing decision. Or at least, that’s probably what Apple is thinking.

Final Cut Pro X’s free trial is available now, while Logic Pro X will roll out its trial in a few days, according to MacRumors. Time to put that extra time to good use.

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