Canon Confirms the EOS R5 Camera Is Essentially a Mirrorless 5D

Most have suspected that given its naming scheme, the EOS R5 is essentially the mirrorless equivalent of a 5D series DSLR, leaving room for an R1 to reach even higher than the already impressive R5. Canon confirmed this in a recent interview that shows a bit more of their philosophy regarding the upcoming camera.

In an interview with Tech Radar, Canon revealed a bit more about the camera and the company’s thoughts about it. More specifically, David Parry, Product Marketing Specialist, said:

It’s [the EOS R5] aimed at that level of the market. This isn’t a replacement for the 5D Mark IV or anything like that. But this is a mirrorless 5-series; it’s aimed at that segment of the market.

The good news is that this essentially confirms that a flagship R1 is still to come. Given that the R5 already has jaw-dropping specs like 8K video and a 20 fps continuous burst rate using the electronic shutter (12 fps using the mechanical shutter), it is certainly interesting to speculate about how Canon might distinguish the R1 from the R5. Though that is a bit of a way off, it leaves a lot for Canon shooters to be excited about. Head over to Tech Radar to read the full interview.

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