Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Apple may ditch Intel for an Arm-based MacBook within the next 18 months

This new type of MacBook could launch in the first half of 2021 Source link

Honor charms with the first MagicBook laptops sold globally

Brand is attempting to break out of China by targeting young people on a budget Source link

Cisco goes to the cloud with broad enterprise security service

Cisco has unveiled a cloud-based security platform it says will go a long way in helping customers protect their far-flung networked resources.Cisco describes the new SecureX service as offering  an...

C++ 20 spec finalized, C++ 23 spec begins

The C++ language is moving forward on two different fronts. With the C++ 20 specification done and awaiting final approval, the ISO committee behind the language has begun plotting a...


Microsoft Black Friday Deals Include Savings on Surface, Windows 10 PCs...

If you're in the market for a Windows 10 PC or you've been eyeing the new Surface Pro 7, you can score some...