Reporter scrambles when faced with furry beasts

WEST YELLOWSTONE, Mont. (KYMA, KECY) – It appears the wildlife in Montana is unaware of the social distancing rules being followed everywhere else in the country.

Proof of this was recently caught on camera, when some big, furry beasts forced a reporter to rapidly abandon his plans for a photo op.

Deion Broxton is a reporter for the NBC affiliate in western Montana. He was preparing to tape a story about the coronavirus shutdown at Yellowstone National Park when he saw something walking into his shot. An entire herd of bison was coming straight for him.

You can hear Broxton say, “Oh no…I ain’t messing with you,” right before he throws his gear into his car and drives away.

The reporter tweeted out his reaction to his uninvited interviewees. It’s gotten more than 7-million views.

Yellowstone Park rangers say Broxton reacted exactly the way he should have when faced with a 3,500 pound bison.

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