Ryan Lochte Says He'll Never Go Back to Brazil, Ever (VIDEO)

Ryan Lochte

I’ll Never Go Back to Brazil

… Ever

4/14/2017 12:20 AM PDT


Ryan Lochte‘s relationship with Brazil is dead … the swimmer says he’ll NEVER go back to the country after his infamous gas station incident at the Olympics. 

Here’s the thing … Lochte says he might be banned from the country — but that’s not exactly the case. 

The truth is it’s still dangerous for Lochte to go back to Brazil since he’s still charged with filing a false police report for claiming he was robbed at gunpoint during a night out with Olympic swimmers. 

Officials saw it a different way, claiming security guards drew guns on the swimmers after they vandalized a gas station bathroom … and then urinated in public … and demanded Lochte’s crew fork over cash to cover the damages. 

Prosecutors have offered Lochte a plea deal — essentially a $20,000 fine — but Lochte hasn’t accepted the deal. So, if he does go back to Brazil, he risks being detained and possibly jailed.

But it doesn’t sound like that’s gonna be a problem since Lochte tells TMZ Sports there’s no chance in hell he’ll ever return to Rio.

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