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A big sale on Kindle eBooks, Finish Line’s online sale, Death Stranding for half off, and more highlight Sunday’s deals of the day.

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If you’ve been wanting a 4K TV set but holding off for a good deal, your wait might be over. Dell has a Visio Smart TV on sale for $340, and those that purchase it get a $125 gift card to the Dell store. Provided you don’t mind shopping at the Dell Store, it’s a pretty good deal!

This Visio 55″ Smart TV offers 4K and HDR, 3 HDMI ports, and a 120 Hz refresh rate. So this TV will give you lots of pretty visuals, enough ports to plug all your stuff in, and, uh, a 120 Hz refresh rate! My tech buddies told me refresh rates are important. You can check all the specs at the Dell store page too, in case I left something more important to you out.

So, you’re a record collector. You have a wonderful set of vinyls from a variety of musical eras and genres. It’s great! But deep down, you know that no matter how many vinyls you have, the Spotify playlist will always be easier to access. Thankfully, Victrola has a turntable to solve all your old-school and new-school audio needs.

This three-speed turntable can play any vinyl you’d like, whenever you’d like. But if you’re feeling like just putting on your Daily Mix instead, this turntable also has bluetooth capabilities and a built-in speaker. You can have it both ways now for just $49, down from $65, so now’s the time to save!

Every now and then, a previously unheard-of brand will appear out of nowhere with a pair of headphones that stun. Among them, Boltune’s surprisingly good (hybrid) active noise-cancelling headphones claim to reduce noise by 96%, and reviewers seem to agree.

In conjunction with our exclusive promo code, KINJAONY, clip the coupon on the site for $50 off, bringing the total cost down to a modest $41. If you’ve been on the fence about buying a pair of noise-cancelling headphones in the hopes of saving cash amid economic uncertainty, why not do both?

Driven by a pair of 45mm speakers, these headphones don’t only block noise out, they don’t sound half bad either. Plus, they’re cozy as hell—I mean, look at those leatherette earpads. Combined with an aluminum alloy material cupping the speakers themselves, they’re durable and comfortable.

Plugging devices in the wall is so 2019. We’re totally past that. Check out this $11 wireless charging pad! It’s totally compatible with Android as well as Apple products and has three different charging modes depending on which devices you have! Not to mention you can also charge the wireless Airpods case as well! I’d jump on this deal before it’s gone!

It’s time to put away the winter clothes! Do so easily with Lifewit’s clothes storage bags. If you use code YBSUXH5A at checkout, a bag is only $15 a piece, so it’s easy to grab a few to throw some clothes you won’t use for a while in. The window on the front can also help to figure out what exactly you packed away, which is a life-saver when you accidentally put away that one shirt.

Look, I’m not a bad cook. I’m not good either… but I’m not bad. It’s just, somehow my food seems to always end up undercooked, and as much as I lie to myself that it’s “just the way I like it”, that just doesn’t cut it when it comes to undercooked meat. Thankfully, Thermoworks is having a sale on their meat thermometers and other items, so I can stop playing Russian Roulette with the chicken breast I cooked.

This sale is a little special—the more you buy, the higher your discount is. So if you’re hopelessly bad at figuring out when food is done like me, you might just want the Classic Thermapen, which is $71 with the 10% off discount. If you’re looking for something more fancy, though, you can grab the Signals 4-Channel BBQ Alarm Thermometer at the full 20% discount, which brings it down to $183. The Signals thermometer even has a smartphone app, so you’ll know precisely when your food is properly barbecued. Needless to say, it’s one of the fanciest.

Waiting to invest in cast iron cookware? Stop. The humble and inexpensive cast iron skillet is one of the best investments you can make. And right now, Walmart is dropping the price on a Lodge Pre-Seasoned 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet down to just $15. Better still, you can pick up a $5 gift card with your purchase.

If you’ve got some time on your hands while you’re stuck indoors, why not cook up a bunch of tasty meals with this super affordable tool. Act fast, this promotion is unlikely to stay in stock for long.

That crook in your neck isn’t going to heal itself. Well… it will, but if you want to relieve yourself of some discomfort in the process, a heating pad does wonders. Sunbeam has several models on sale, including a steep discount on the 14×122″ Renue neck and shoulder model for $25, its lowest ever. The 25×25″ Renue XL is down to $36. For more versatility, go with the XL King, an all-purpose 12×24″ pad for $18. Each model has moisture-blocking sponges, too, so you can get your soothing oil treatments going at the same time.

Looking for something to do? Here’s something: Measure the tire pressure in all of your vehicles for just $7 with this Tacklife Pressure Gauge. Whether you own a bike, motorcyle, car or speed boat, this’ll be super helpful.

To be fair, this is a boring purchase. But it’ll be a product you’d be happy to own when you are able to venture outdoors. Just make sure to use the promo code SD94VIFR to get the discount.

Spring Sale | 25% off online orders + free shipping | Finish Line | Use code SAVE25
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

Ah, springtime. The weather is already unbearably hot, the pollen turns all of the cars yellow, and it can suddenly rain at the drop of the hat! Or, if you don’t live in Florida like me, it can actually be a pleasant time of the year. A fresh new season means it’s time to refresh the wardrobe, and Finish Line will help you our with their current sale.

By using code SAVE25, you can save 25% off any online order, as well as get free shipping. This includes items already marked down, so there’s a real potential for savings here!

Take these bike shorts, for example. The MSRP is $25, but they’re on sale for $20. Use SAVE25, and now they’re $15. Prices like that make it way easier to stock up.

Okay, yeah, it might seem a little silly to be considering camping at a time like this, but think about it—being in the great outdoors, all by yourself, with no one around… sounds safer than braving the nearby supermarket, honestly. So if you’ve decided you want to leave the house and hit the camping ground for a while, you’re in luck because Backcountry is running a sale on camping gear and clothing for your next adventure. A large selection of items are 25% off, so now is a great time to stock up on what you need for when the weather’s warm enough to go out.

My pick, as a person that definitely doesn’t camp often enough to have a truly informed opinion, is this Marmot Tungsten 3 person tent, which has great reviews on Backcountry’s site and looks really spacious. The tent being 25% off brings it under $200 (to a nice $195) too.

If there’s an item you want that’s full-price, you’re not out of luck, either! You can use the code 20FULLPRICE at check out in order to knock 20% off. It’s not quite the 25% discount Backcountry is having with other items, but with big-ticket purchases that’s still a great deal.

Spring Sale | 30% Off Sitewide | Adidas | Use code MARCH30
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

With the world thawing out, it’ll soon be time to get outside and go for a run! Or a brisk walk, which is easier on the knees. Either way, it’s important to have good footwear when working out, and Adida’s Spring Sale will make sure you get a new pair of shoes at a discount.

By using the code MARCH30, you’ll get 30% off practically anything in the store. This includes shoes like the NMD_R1 shoes, and other clothing items like these super comfy looking satin pants. If you spend $49 or more (which you can easily do with one pair of shoes), you’ll get free shipping as well. Just know what this sale is online-only, as Adidas stores are closed down until at least March 29. Thankfully, if you grab the wrong size, returns are free too!

Congratulations! You’ve made it to spring. The weather will get warmer, the birds will sing, and allergies will flare up. But before forgetting the cold bitter winter days of Thursday, it might be a good time to stock up on stuff for next winter! Columbia has their women’s long, insulated winter jacket on clearance, and it’s the perfect thing to keep you warm about six or seven months from now. It’s only on clearance until the end of Sunday, so act fast!

Surprise, surprise, Anthropologie is having a cute little sale for their spring collection, and everything is 25% off, plus free shipping! You can choose between jeans, dresses, shoes, tops, and accessories! Basically, anything your heart desires. The sale only lasts throughout the weekend, so I would absolutely hop on some of the styles before they are *poof* gone.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is just pick up a good book, and like all other forms of media nowadays, it’s so much easier to pick up new books digitally. Now more than ever is a great time to get lost in a new book or series, and Amazon is having a great sale on a bunch of Kindle books. It’s a perfect time to build up a book backlog for the coming months.

So, there are a few different sales going on today for these eBooks:

The main page has over one thousand books on sale, which is crazy, but it also means you’ll find something new to read for sure.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read these eBooks via the Kindle app, but you should really consider investing in one! They really make it that much easier to convince you to read, and the screen is less likely to cause eye strain.

The Bloodshot movie just came out, but you might be stuck inside and not able to go to the theaters to see it. Instead, why not do the next best thing (or the flat-out better thing, depending on who you talk to) and read some of the Bloodshot comics? Comixology is currently running a sale on their Bloodshot collection!

The sale, which runs until March 30, lets you pick up Bloodshot bundles, graphic novel collections, or individual issues. The bundles are by far the best deal, so if you’re new to the Bloodshot universe, here’s your chance to catch up for cheap.

ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUNCH! If you want to add One-Punch Man to your physical media collection, now’s the time to do it. Although you can still watch Saitama nonchalantly exploit his over-the-top strength on services like Netflix, Amazon is letting you own the first season permanently on Blu-Ray for $16. It’s usually punching above $40, so this is a sure steal. This is anime at its veritable finest, so if you haven’t already checked it out, why are you still here?

If you’re looking for something to do while social distancing, but don’t have a lot of money, then it might be a good idea to look through’s current sale. In an effort to help people stay safe but entertained, many indie developers are offering their games for free or at a deep discount, so there is plenty to try out instead of trying to brave the germ-infested crowds for a physical game.

There are a ton of completely free games in this sale, but some popular notable indie titles are also going at a good discount. If you haven’t grabbed the indie darling Night in the Woods yet, it’s only $12, which is one of the deeper discounts for the game. Meanwhile, nostalgic narrative title Secret Little Haven is just $3, 40% off the asking price.

This sale has plenty of new indie games to choose from, so browse the site—and the rest of the site, while you’re at it!

Death Stranding | $30 | Amazon and Walmart
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

One of the holiday’s biggest releases last year, Death Stranding, is half off at both Amazon and Walmart! If you didn’t want to pay full price for Hideo Kojima’s latest title, $30 is probably going to be one of the better prices we see for the PlayStation 4 game for a while. If your gaming backlog is running a little dry, why not treat yourself?

That’s right. The next big shooter of the year is out in two days and it’s already discounted on Amazon and at Walmart to a mere $50. If you were undecided before, take a gander at this hot-as-HELL discount.

Now you don’t have to think twice about whether you should splash out on Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Doom Eternal … because you can get both! Decapitate demons and vibe out fishing by the lake. Rack up headshots and pay off loans. All of these fun video game activities are now possible—at least on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

(Sadly, the Nintendo Switch version is left out of this deal.)

So get ready to kill a whole lotta demons, shooting, ripping and tearing your way through a dystopian apocalypse. Or you could just stare out your window. Same effect, really.

It’s a pretty good day to be an REI Co-Op member. Right now, members can save 20% on one full-priced item and an extra 20% on one REI Outlet item with the promo code MEMPERKS2020. For what it’s worth, the REI Outlet is the better deal here, since those products are already discounted and this 20% offer stacks on top of that.

REI membership is required to take advantage of this deal. Not a member? A lifetime membership is available for just $20. That’s a great deal, when you consider how often REI sales occur and all the perks it has.

This sale lasts until the first week of April, so you have time to shop around. But remember, the best stuff always disappears early. So get yours before some ruggedly handsome rando takes your stuff.

If there’s anything this time stuck at home has taught me, it’s that I need to optimize everything for comfort. And that includes clothing. Thankfully, JACHS NY is discounting a ton of essential knits starting at a low $17.

Choose from nearly very iteration of Henley, whether it be short-sleeved, long-sleeve and hooded, plus tees, terry pullovers, polos, and so much more. Basically, all of the comfy basics you’d want to stock up on is on sale for up to 65% off.

Just make sure to use the promo code CORE at checkout.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably perused Huckberry’s collection of cool guy stuff but couldn’t pull the trigger. Of course, the best stuff is always more expensive than you’d want but luckily for us, Huckberry’s Clearance Sale has lowered that hurdle quite a bit.

Right now, you can save up to 70% Huckberry goods. I, for one, think this is a great time to do a spring wardrobe refresh, or invest in a couple of things you’d been putting off like a new sheet set, or a pair of new shoes.

This sale ends on Sunday, which gives you some time to browse. But as always, the best stuff always sells out early.

With summer quickly approaching, Adidas wants to make it cheaper to let your feet breathe. From now through Friday, take 50% off select open toe slip-ons using code SLIDEDEAL, with sandals, split toe, and traditional flip flop styles on avail ranging from $20 to $45 before the discount. There are tons of options and each has a variety of color variants to choose from, so go wild.

Look, it’s a rough time right now—there’s no denying that. But since you’re stuck at home anyway, why not take the time to get to “know yourself” a bit more? Right now, Bellesa Boutique is offering 20% off their entire site with free priority shipping to get your new toy shipped to you ASAP.

For those unfamiliar, Bellesa Boutique is a feminist, sex toy company run by women. And they offer a ton of stuff, so whatever your kink or curiosity, they’re likely going to have something for you. So, check ‘em out and make the best out of your time cooped up indoors.

Look, I get it. None of us should be going out right now, but it’s never a bad idea to take stock of your current pants situation and see if any need replacing. If yours happen to need a springtime refresh, right now you can get a pair of Men’s Chino Pants for just $35 using promo code BOWIE.

These transitional stretch Chino Pants are super comfy and come in a variety of basic and fashion-forward spring colors. So go nuts and restock your wardrobe with as many neutral and/or bold colors as you can.

Right now, you can pick up this Aukey USB-C 18W PD Charger for a low $10. From what I can see it, there are two big reasons to consider moving from your standard wall adapter to this one:

  • USB-C: Using this specific port-type allows your device to charge a lot faster than possible with a standard USB.
  • Foldable Prongs: This makes it infinitely more portable and better to travel with.

Just make sure to clip the coupon and use the promo code QVME5V9B at checkout to get the $10 price.

Anker PowerPort Cube | $17 | Amazon | Clip the coupon on the page

As far as power strips are concerned, Anker PowerPort Cube is the niftiest by far. And right now, you can pick it up for a low $17. This particular model offers 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports and it can be mounted to a wall or under a desk with the included adhesive pads.

This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this particular product. And perhaps the best part? It comes with an 18-month warranty. Just make sure to clip the coupon on the page to get the best price.

Everything is terrible. But it doesn’t have to be. Not with the right pair of active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones it doesn’t. Last year, TaoTronics proved itself a worthy contender to the budget ANC throne with a $110 pair of hybrids, which cost less than half the price of Sony’s amazing WH-1000XM3’s.

Now it has a $55 pair that’s 32% off with the onsite coupon code combined with our exclusive promo code KINJAD85, bringing the final price to $37 before tax. Considering these headphones just came out two months ago, this is the deal to beat on the 2020 version of TaoTronic’s active noise-cancelling headphones.

With 40 hours of battery life, USB-C charging, Bluetooth 5.0, and a CVC 8.0 mic, it’s time to shut out all the bad stuff and focus on that new Donald Glover x Ariana Grande collab that absolutely slaps when you ignore everything else that’s going on right now.

These headphones will help you do just that, if for only a fleeting moment: has a full range of quality Samsung Galaxy tablets on sale. If you don’t have much to spend, a $75 Galaxy Tab E Lite 7″ will do you well. Need 4G connectivity on the cheap? You can get an 8-inch Galaxy Tab with LTE support on either Verizon ($155) or AT&T ($130). Doodlers and multitaskers might enjoy the 10.1″ Galaxy Tab A with an S Pen for just $210. Have a bigger budget? Erase all doubt on performance capabilities with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, a 10.5″ AMOLED slate with S Pen, 64GB of storage, and Verizon 4G connectivity for $440.

There are many more options—including multiple color variants—when browsing at Woot’s website, and all of them come with a 90-day Samsung warranty, so head over there and take a look before the window closes after today.

Cord-cutters can supplement their subscriptions with free, live television (see: sports) thanks to this $7 Aukey Indoor Digital TV Antenna. This particular amplified antenna can pick up HD signals from up to 80 miles away.

Better still, these are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. It can still to a wall or lay flat on your TV console. Just remember to use code 96MIIJH2 to get the $7 price.

Eliminate all the guesswork on which of your billion or so adapters will fast charge your devices by grabbing Anker’s 30W PowerIQ 3.0 charger, which is normally $35, but comes down to just $21 when using coupon code KINJA2614. That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen for one of these.

It’s light and compact, so much so it can hide in your front pocket with little fuss. It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Apple Lightning fast charging, and USB-C Power Delivery, giving you the flexibility to quickly charge iPhone and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Macbooks, and more. The only problem is you’ll need to supply your own cables, which doesn’t have to add that much more to your total price if you pay close attention to Kinja Deals.

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