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If you have an iPhone and a Dell PC this could be music to your ears. Dell has updated its Mobile Connect app to add screen mirroring and better file transfer options between Dell PCs and iPhones, hopefully easing the pain for people who tear their hair out over the iPhone’s lack of distinct file system (via Windows Central). 

The update brings to iPhone users what the app already offered Android owners. Traditionally, Macs and iPhones get along (obviously) while Windows PCs were easier to integrate with your workflow if you have an Android smartphone with software like Microsoft’s Your Phone

Mobile Connect promises screen mirroring but more importantly an easier way to send files and photos from your PC to your iPhone and vice versa. It works wirelessly with the app installed on your PC via the Microsoft Store and your iPhone via the App Store.

It’s a small tweak to software that you will find incredibly useful if you have a Dell computer and an iPhone.

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