A tiny 21-megabyte patch of “Devil May Cry 5,” pushed through Steam, allegedly removed the game’s Denuvo DRM component. There’s no record of the patch in the list of updates for the game, although some Redditors comment that removal of the DRM has improved their game load times. Denuvo is a sophisticated DRM solution that can be implemented in a number of ways by game developers. A best-case implementation has negligible performance impact, but if done poorly, Denuvo could have a noticeable performance impact. Our comprehensive article on Denuvo dives deeper into the tech. Game publishers prefer implementing a DRM solution to not, despite the fact that pirates are able to crack it weeks or months following the release. They are content with making most of their revenues through pre-orders or purchases made while the game isn’t cracked. Game publishers eventually voluntarily remove DRM solutions to improve game performance. DMC5’s DRM removal comes about 11 months into its release.

arii1986 (Reddit)

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