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UK MVNO Giffgaff has launched a new scheme called Goodybank where customers can purchase and donate minutes, texts and data for customers in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Giffgaff said it had received contact from many customers who said they were struggling to afford to pay their phone bill, so is asking other customers to donate where they can in order to pass that mobile credit on to those in need.

Giffgaff said it would commit to match all donations in order to double them.

“At giffgaff we have always had community at our heart and never has a sense of community been more important. We are already helping vulnerable members, many of whom contacted us as a result of the current crisis and will continue to do so. However, our members are an altruistic bunch, and the goodybank allows them to get involved should they be able to help,”, said Ash Schofield, CEO of Giffgaff.

You can donate here, but you need to be a Giffgaff customer. Giffgaff has solidified its reputation in recent years as one of the UK’s leading second tier mobile operators. It piggybacks O2’s network and is attractive thanks to its competitive pricing and rolling month to month flexible contracts.

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