In times like these when fear grips the minds of people, it is imperative to bring authentic information and prevent fake news from causing widespread panic. Google has pledged $6.5 million in funding to fact-checkers and nonprofit organizations in India “to fight misinformation” with regards to the pandemic. India is currently serving a 21-day lockdown that will end on April 14th to prevent further COVID-19 infections. 

To that effect, the online search giant is teaming up with First Draft, a non-profit organization that can empower journalists and reporters with online resources to cover the unfolding COVID-19 events across the globe more accurately. It is a coalition that works to empower societies with accurate information in critical situations. To prevent the spread of misinformation,  First Draft’s CrossCheck network will be used quickly to identify potential developing COVID-19 news that can cause mislead the populace.

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