Many countries across the globe are facing lockdown amidst the dangers of Coronavirus pandemic. In this phase where several websites are emerging to spread the information regarding the virus. However, Google’s new initiative ‘Google view in 3D‘ is providing netizens some fun time at home viewing animals in 3D in their homes. 

But, many people have been reporting that Google View in 3D is not working. There can be many reasons why Google’s new initiative is not working. Here are some of the many reasons why the feature might not be working properly. 

The Google app does not have access to the camera

How to give Google access to Camera?

To view the animals in 3D a person needs to give the Google app some basic access such as ‘Access to use the camera and videos,’ ‘Access to location,’ and more. One can easily give access by clicking ‘Allow’ whenever the pop-up appears while using the Google View in 3D feature. The other way to use the feature is by doing it manually. 

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your smartphone
  • Click on ‘Apps & Notifications’
  • Open the ‘Google’ app
  • Click on ‘Permissions’
  • Switch on all the permissions you wish to give the App to effectively use ‘Google View in 3D feature’

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Inappropriate location or space

If the Google View in 3D feature is still not working even after granting all the permission, then the reason could be the space. To view the 3D animals, one needs to have appropriate space in their house so that the website can locate and show the animal efficiently. Pan the camera across the house and look for open space for the animal to appear.

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The server of the link of ‘Google View in 3D’ is down

If the server of the link is down, then the user needs to wait for Google to fix the problem. The process might take some time, so wait until the issue is sorted by the organisation internally. One can also clear all the cache from the smartphone or restart it to check if the problem is due to the smartphone or the website itself.

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Animals available on Google View in 3D:

Here’s a list of some of the many animals that are a part of this feature:

  • Lion 
  • Tiger
  • Bear
  • Alpine Goat 
  • Timberwolf 
  • European hedgehog
  • Angler fish
  • Emperor penguin

Learn how to use the feature Google View in 3D here.

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