This PS4 Black Friday bundle deal is an amazing price on a brand new PlayStation Slim all just in time for the weekend. You can pick up a 1TB PlayStation 4 console with The Last Of Us: Remastered, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for just $199 at Walmart right now. That’s an astonishing price considering a new console by itself would generally set you back around $299. 

Now is the best time to pounce if you’ve been holding off on Sony’s slimmed-down PlayStation console. With the combined price of the games included in this PS4 Black Friday bundle taken into account, you’re actually only spending about $140 on the console itself. That’s an amazing price, and one not to be missed this Black Friday

The PS4 boasts one of the best libraries of first-party and exclusive titles in the gaming industry right now. Your $140 is getting you access to one of the highest performing catalogs of games available to console gamers right now, at an amazing price. 

Before you checkout, you’d also do well to have a scan through our top picks of the best Black Friday Walmart deals available right now. 

PS4 Slim 1TB | 3x PlayStation exclusive games | $299 $199 at Walmart
A 1TB PS4 Slim console will usually set you back around $299 by itself, so picking up this bundle that also includes three games on top is an amazing deal. These aren’t just any games either, these PlayStation legends offer some of the best gaming on the console. The Last of Us Remastered, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition are all included in this bundle, making this a must-buy for anyone who has been holding off for the right price.
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While you’re grabbing your brand new PlayStation, why not pick up a cheap PS Plus membership to get all your free monthly games and enjoy online play. If you’re still shopping around for the best PlayStation 4 Black Friday sales, you’ll want to check out our regularly updated hub. PS4 also opens up a great way to get into virtual reality as well, and these PSVR deals will get you there even cheaper. 

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