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Honor has confirmed its recently announced MagicBook 14 Windows laptop will go on sale in the UK on 7 April. The 14in model will be sold via Amazon and Argos from £549.99.

First unveiled in November in China, then again last month for Europe, this latest news is confirmation we’ll definitely get the 14in MagicBook on British shores (a 15in version also exists).

Honor tends to announce products in regional stages like this but also sometimes just doesn’t bring the products to the UK market – particularly frustrating when we’ve covered it on the grounds that it would. For example, the V30 series of phones still hasn’t seen the light of day in the UK, though that might be to do with their lack of Google services, something Honor and parent company Huawei are still braving with their new handsets.

Luckily there is no such trouble for the MagicBook and its Windows OS. The 14in MagicBook packs in AMD’s Ryzen 5 3500U processor with 8GB RAM and at least 256GB storage. There’s also a 52Wh battery (larger than the 15in’s 42Wh, which is odd but good for the buyer),a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, HDMI, USB-C and -A ports and a pop-up webcam hidden in the keyboard.

This feature is carried over from Huawei’s MateBook line of laptops and, well, let’s just say that the Honor version has taken some heavy design and specs cues from there.

That’s no bad thing when Honor’s laptops are cheaper – a bit like with Honor and Huawei phones.

We’ll hopefully be reviewing the MagicBook 14 very soon.

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