how to get disney on sky q

In a similar way to Netflix, Sky has confirmed a multi-year deal which will see Disney Plus launch on Sky Q as well as Now TV. Here’s what we know so far about how to get it.

It’s quite clear that the whole of the UK can’t wait for Disney+ to launch. The new streaming service will be integrated into the Sky Q interface but you won’t be able to use it this way if you’ve already signed up directly with Disney.

How to get Disney Plus on Sky Q?

There won’t be much you need to do to get Disney+ on your Sky Q box as a software update will download and install the app for you.

It will be accessible from the UK launch date of 24 March. You can pre-register interest here.

How much is Disney+ on Sky Q?

Sky has told customers that Disney Plus will cost £5.99 per month on Sky Q.

That essentially totals £72 of a year which is a lot more than the £49.99 pre-order deal that Disney has been offering which is a discount of £10 on the regular annual price, but £5.99 for paying monthly is the standard price.

This is likely due to the way that the app will be integrated with Sky Q. The subscription will also be bundled into your normal Sky bill, as per Netflix.

How will Disney+ work on Sky Q?

Like Netflix, it looks like Disney+ won’t simply be an app you can open on Sky Q in the same way as other devices.

The streaming service will likely be integrated into the Sky Q interface so you can browse content alongside others and also search for Disney+ content with the Sky search.

We’re waiting for final details but it looks like you’ll still be able to log into an existing Disney+ account, but you just won’t get the integration features.

Here’s what the Sky Help Team said on Twitter.

How to get Disney Plus on Now TV

Although the service will come to the Now TV streaming platform, Sky hasn’t said when, simply saying “in the coming months”.

So for a while it will just be on Sky Q and we’ll update you when we can.

It’s unclear whether Sky will be offering different passes for Disney+ on Now TV like it does with Sports and Entertainment etc or if you will be able to log in with an existing Disney account.

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