Better Call Saul season 5 has been one of the best things on TV in recent months and it’s all been building towards tonight’s big finale. Read on as we tell you how to watch Better Call Saul season 5 online from anywhere.

Better Call Saul season 5 finale: time and date

Better Call Saul season 5 has aired every Monday at 9pm ET on AMC in the US and that’s still the case with tonight’s season finale. AMC is a cable channel but it’s available to watch for free for a limited time thanks to Sling TV’s Happy Hour promotion. Thereafter, Better Call Saul lands on Netflix the following day in a number of markets around the world including the UK and Canada. 

It’s the prequel to Breaking Bad, which is widely regarded as one of best TV series of all-time. More specifically, Better Call Saul is the origin story of crooked lawyer Saul Goodman.

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