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Instagram users should now find that the desktop version of the app lets you send DMs, as announced on the company’s Twitter feed. Additionally, it appears that it’s also now possible to watch Live streams on the web version, though you can’t broadcast your own stream from there yet.

Instagram added DM functionality to its official Windows 10 app in February but now it is available through any web browser worldwide on any platform.

It’s pretty obvious that the best way to look at Instagram is on a phone considering the whole UI is built around scrolling and swiping in square or phone portrait format, but it’s good to see DMs and Live stream viewing available on desktop.

As we’re all mostly stuck at home and spending time working and catching up using our desktops and laptops, it’s one less reason to pick up your phone if you can quickly fire off a few DMs from your web browser. The fact it has taken this long to add these features though shows how Instagram wants to keep you on your phone, where it can more effectively keep your eyeballs and harvest ad money.

Not that we’re sceptical.

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