Will LG improve on its 2019 lineup?

LG has endured a tough time with its smartphones in recent years, as many other manufacturers have could up or even surpassed the Korean company. 

In particular, we were disappointed with the lack of innovation on 2019’s G8 ThinQ, which wasn’t even released in the UK.

LG will hope to regain some standing in the phone market in 2020, starting with the V60 ThinQ. Here’s everything you need to know about LG’s next V series flagship.

When is the LG V60 ThinQ coming out?

All signs were pointing to LG unveiling the V60 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in late February. LG has now pulled out of that tradeshow, due to Coronavirus concerns, but has promised a separate event in the near future.

How much will the LG V60 ThinQ cost?

The V50 ThinQ went on sale at US$999, which at the time translated to approximately £820. This was perhaps one of the reasons it struggled, with the wealth of competition at that price point making it difficult to recommend. 

However, a dual-screen design means it will probably retain its hefty price tag, even if its not available in the UK.

What are we expecting from the LG V60 ThinQ?

The latest rumours are suggesting that LG will stick with the dual-screen design it introduced with the V50 ThinQ, its answer the the emerging foldable phone market.

The second screen looks set to remain detachable, which should help to keep costs down. The major change looks set to come in the hinge department, which will be redesigned to reduce the gap between the two displays.

Predictably, what look like real photos of the device have leaked on social media, with @Slashleaks showing what the back glass of the phone will look like.

While many people commented on its likeness to the Samsung Galaxy S10, something more interesting becomes apparent.

The lack of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner means it’s looking likely we’ll get an in-display sensor, a big step forward for LG phones. This will probably be an optical sensor, as opposed to the ultrasonic in Samsung’s latest phones.

The other observation here is that the camera module looks like it could easily fit four lenses, which means we’ll probably get a depth sensor in addition to the regular, wide-angle and telephoto lenses. The V50 didn’t really show any meaningful camera upgrades over the V40, so we hope this is an indication of a boost in this department. 

The render below, courtesy of prolific leaker @OnLeaks, gives an indication of what the V60 might look like. 

The simple fact that this is a 2020 flagship means we’ll probably be getting a Snapdragon 865 processor, but it’s unknown whether there will be any upgrade on the 6GB of RAM in its predecessor. It’s also highly likely to retain the 5G compatibility, which looks like it will make a lot more sense in 2020.  

It’s looking like the V60 will be released alongside the LG G9 ThinQ at MWC. We’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

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