Google Play is launching a new tab specially targeted at kids, which will host a wide selection of ‘teacher-approved’ apps and games. This launch has been advanced by Google keeping in mind the lockdown situation and to encourage children to use their time effectively even as their parents are looking for meaningful ways to keep them engaged. The best free parental control software and apps 2020

Over the last few years, Google has been working with teachers and educational experts from institutions like Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and Georgetown University to support the development of both fun and educational apps.

The present tab ‘family’ in Google Play will be converted to ‘Kids’ and can be found by opening Google Play on your mobile phone and swiping across the top list of tabs which is just under the search bar. Google will ensure that these apps and games meet its specific quality standard, and it uses a larger set of factors to judge whether the app is fit for the kids tab.

(Image credit: Google)

Factors such as age-appropriate, quality of the app experience, how enriching and delightful it is for the child will be taken into account. Other factors such as creativity, imagination, and the thought process behind the design will also be taken into consideration.

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