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The OnePlus 7T has just got a $100 price cut in the US directly from OnePlus. It’s down to $499 from $599 and might suggest OnePlus is ramping up to deliver the OnePlus 8 series.

OnePlus confusingly does not sell the OnePLus 7T Pro in the US. Instead it sells a 5G version of the 7T Pro McLaren Edition, as well as older models the 7 Pro and the 6T. This is different to the UK where the company sells the 7T, 7T Pro and 7T Pro McLaren Edition 4G.

Got it?

Image: OnePlus

Anyway, OnePlus clearly has too many phones, but we love most of them and the 7T is the best one yet, particularly at this price. Even though it’s not from the company’s ‘Pro’ line it has a 90Hz refresh rate and improved cameras in a handset that isn’t as huge as the Pro models – a win win in our book.

We do hope that if it’s a sign OnePlus is going to drop the OnePlus 8 soon that it simplifies its line up. We suppose the company is looking to diversify its range as it caters to interest from more markets, but the split at the moment is a little odd.

Luckily, we can easily say that the OnePlus 7T is the best OnePlus phone  for most people so if you’re in the States, this is a great deal – especially as the OnePlus 8 is bound to cost a lot more.

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