When it comes to ransomware conventional wisdom says you should never pay. Often, however, the reality is not as simple as that. If the data cannot be retrieved from your backup solution or if the encrypted information is business critical the company may have little choice but to shell out. According to Kaspersky more than one-in-three organisations pays up. Unfortunately for them that’s not necessarily the end of the story.

About the author

Patrick Martin, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, Skurio.

Modern ransomware doesn’t stop at data encryption. It also exfiltrates the data. With this comes the very real risk of it eventually finding its way onto the shady markets of the Dark Web to be shared or sold on over and over again. As far as the hackers are concerned ransomware is the attack vector that keeps on giving. Against this backdrop, the best advice for businesses is to prepare for the worst and know how to respond. 

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