The Realme XT 730G will be coming to India on December 17, albeit with a new name, and a special Star Wars Edition will be tagging along.

The Realme XT 730G was teased back in September as a beefier sibling of the XT with improved internals. A launch date for December was set, which eventually ended up being December 17. The Flipkart product page is up too, which reveals a slightly different story — the phone will instead be called the Realme X2.

The change in name is very welcome, as XT 730G would’ve been unnecessarily long and confusing to the average user, especially in comparison to the existing Realme smartphones. Moreover, it will create the positioning that this phone is closer to the flagship Reame X2 Pro which has been received very well.

(Image credit: Realme)

There’s something for the Star War fans too

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