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After the phenomenal success (both critically and commercially) of the Resident Evil 2 remake, it’s no real surprise that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is getting the same treatment.

Sadly ‘Nemesis’ is actually getting dropped from the title, but he’ll still be a massive (literally) presence in the game, pursuing you throughout and generally making the whole thing pretty stressful. Cheers Capcom.

When will the Resident Evil 3 remake be released?

We have a confirmed release date – 3 April 2020

What platforms will Resident Evil 3 be playable on?

The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC at launch. 

There’s no word yet on availability for upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X, but considering the regularity with which the game has been ported in the past, it’s likely it will make its way onto next-gen consoles at some point. 

Watch the trailers

Here is the announcement trailer for the remake, released during the State of Play presentation in December 2019. There are some pretty harrowing scenes, but that’s to be expected from the Resident Evil series.

It’s also definitely worth watching January 2020’s Nemesis trailer, a detailed look at – you guessed it – the Nemesis, the hulking monstrosity that will be pursuing you non-stop this time around:

Will there be a demo?

Yes! Capcom confirmed on Twitter that the game will be getting a demo, though we don’t know when – or if the demo will be available on every platform or limited to a specific one. We’ll know more in the ‘near future’ though.

What can we expect from the Resident Evil 3 remake?

If you’ve played the original, or any of the Resident Evil games in fact, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Capcom has tried to retain the action-centric premise of RE3, while adding some modern touches that bring the game up to date, much as it did with last year’s brilliant RE2 remake.

Originally subtitled Nemesis, the game mostly follows Jill Valentine as she tries to escape from Raccoon City as it is infected with a deadly virus, with a zombie apocalypse having taken place as a result. Despite being a follow-up, events in the game actually take place before, during, and after those in Resident Evil 2.

Carlos Oliveira, often the understudy to Jill in the original, is also set for his own playable section. Carlos will “have his own interesting section to play through,” producer Peter Fabiano told Official PlayStation Magazine UK, though didn’t elaborate any further.

The previously-titular Nemesis stalks players throughout, like a suped up version of the memetastic Mr. X in Resident Evil 2. Unlike Mr. X he’ll be ‘untethered’, let loose across the whole game map, and he also comes packing a flamethrower, as if the odds weren’t unfair enough already.

A brand-new online mode called Resistance is set to be added, where four players have to work together to survive in an escape room-style setting. The twist comes with a fifth player, who is equipped with a whole host of creatures in an attempt to stop the other players in any way they can.

Of course, this is Resident Evil, so expect plenty of horror along the way.

However, some Resident Evil fans are disappointed that they’ve created a brand new mode instead of including the Outbreak mode on past titles. 

Other modifications in the remake include the removal of the Mercenaries mini-game, which saw characters attempt to survive a time-sensitive journey through Raccoon City. 

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