430 miles, 10 golds & 52-sec final laps – Farah's stunning track career in stats

Farah holds off the opposition to win the 5,000m Diamond League final in Zurich

It has been a familiar sight. The best of the rest stressing, straining and stretching in his wake, but ultimately unable to reel in Mo Farah.

It played out again in Zurich on Thursday night as Farah took revenge on Muktar Edris – who inflicted a rare defeat in the World Championship 5,000m final earlier this month – to take the Diamond League title and $50,000 (£39,000) in prize money.

But we won’t see it again, at least on the track.

Farah’s victory in Switzerland marked his final race before the 34-year-old turns his attention to the road and the differing challenges of the marathon.

As he heads for the tarmac, BBC Sport takes a look back at the Briton’s glittering journey and the secrets behind his track success.

How far?

A long way. However you cut it.

Since the start of 2006 – his breakthrough season – Farah has run 693,864m on the track.

Farah’s track career has taken him the equivalent of a seven-hour motorway drive

That equates to just over 430 miles, further than the distance separating Plymouth and Newcastle.

Or 1,734 laps of the track.

Or maybe, when you have racked up the training mileage Farah has in his career it seems like small fry.

A Runner’s World article in 2014 – admittedly the year that Farah concentrated on marathon