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You used to have to set your computer on a desk and leave enough space for your keyboard. With a wireless keyboard, you don’t need to worry about a cable getting in the way, and you can use your keyboard and computer almost anywhere.

If you need a wireless keyboard for your desktop or tablet, our review showcases some of the best options available in 2020. Read on to see which keyboard is best for you.

Logitech K780 multi-device wireless keyboard

The best

Unlike the K480, we adore the Logitech K780. This keyboard supports up to three separate devices at once. It includes a USB dongle for systems without Bluetooth and a tray that cradles your tablet.

During our tests, we noticed it lacked NUM lock and caps-lock indicators. There’s no backlighting either, making it unusable in the dark unless you’re a pro-touch-typist. Still, it’s comfortable, versatile, and purportedly lasts around two years running on just two AAA batteries.

Overall, this is the best wireless keyboard we’ve tested in quite some time. Although it is on the expensive side, it is comparable in price to our choice below for the best battery life.

Available now in speckled and non-speckled finishes, the Logitech K780 is our pick for the best wireless keyboard you can buy right now. It’s compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

The best budget keyboard

If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest Bluetooth keyboard you can get, the OMOTON keyboard is a good option. It may appear to be an Apple Magic Keyboard clone at first, but don’t be fooled: It is made entirely of plastic versus the aluminum frame used in Apple’s model.

Overall, the OMOTON is quite thin and light so you can easily stuff it into a computer bag or backpack along with your tablet or laptop. The manufacturer claims 30 days of continuous use with two AAA-batteries (not included).

OMOTON seemingly had iOS in mind when it designed this keyboard, but it should work with MacOS, Windows, and Android. Longevity for future updates, however, is questionable.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

The best battery life

Microsoft’s Surface-branded product line includes several killer convertible tablets. There are high-end solutions like the Surface Book 2 with its fantastic battery life, and the extremely portable Surface Go at the entry-level. Whether you have one of those or a laptop or desktop from another manufacturer, Microsoft’s Surface Keyboard is a great accessory to consider.

This lightweight, portable keyboard has a fantastic battery life lasting up to 12 months on just two AAA batteries (included).  The keys rate up to 500,000 actuations, making it less durable than a mechanical keyboard, but it should last for years of remote typing. The Bluetooth 4.0 connection offers quite the range too, with up to 50 feet in open air or up to 23 feet in an office environment.

The Surface Keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Apple Magic Keyboard

The best keyboard for Apple devices

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple’s redesigned Magic Keyboard is everything Apple fans (and others) could want from a minimal Bluetooth keyboard design. Older Magic Keyboards had a rolled base that propped the keyboard’s backside up to make room for AA batteries. This latest model has a rechargeable battery, so the keyboard lies flatter than previous versions.

Apple’s upgraded keys now have slightly more weight when typing, which is generally an improvement. The arrow key redesign is somewhat less welcome, but the advantages of this new design are hard to deny. The Bluetooth battery claims a one-month charge, too, so you can carry this keyboard around without worrying about its longevity.

Overall, the Magic Keyboard may be slightly larger than other options on our list, but it works well with both iOS and MacOS products. For Apple loyalists, this is the keyboard to buy. The next version may even come with Apple’s famed touch bar, so stay tuned.

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Keyboard

The best compact keyboard

Looking for a super-compact Bluetooth keyboard for your mobile devices? The 0.24-inch thin Arteck HB030B might be just what you need for typing on the go. It’s tiny, scrunched, and easy to slip into most computer bags or backpacks.

Artech’s keyboard comes with a surprising amount of backlighting, with seven different color options and two levels of brightness. It’s perfect for those in need of a mobile keyboard during low-light conditions.

The Arteck HB030B is compatible with every common mobile platform.

Logitech K400 wireless keyboard

The best couch keyboard

This small, lightweight Logitech model remains our favorite couch keyboard. If you’re parked on a couch and a mouse isn’t feasible or comfortable to use, this little keyboard includes a handy 3.5-inch touchpad for basic browsing and control purposes. It’s ideal for kicking back and working on something that doesn’t require deft mouse controls or high-speed typing action.

The 86-key keyboard works via a USB dongle and provides a wireless range of up to 33 feet. While it’s designed for Windows, it should work on any computer with a compatible USB port.

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